Dekis, Fits, Hell, Kaos, and Nug in Poland

24.08.2013, Lublin, Poland.

A European phenomenon. A breeding ground of styles. A test of character. The definition of determination. This is Swedish graffiti.

The exhibition is prepared by Dekis, Fits, Hell, Kaos, and Nug — five top and well established Swedish graffiti artists. Kaos and Nug belong to the first generation of writers from Sweden and Europe. They have been active since the 1980s, breaking the stereotypical approach to letters and setting new trends for graffiti worldwide. Dekis, Fits, and Hell belong to the second generation of Swedish writers, responsible for pushing the Scandinavian style a step further. In their works they have been going — although not entirely — beyond the borders of traditional graffiti.

We would like to dedicate this exhibition to our Lublin friend and writer Olaf 7DC (1981 — 2002). A Pole, who gave his heart to the Swedish style. A Swede, who brought Poland Swedish graffiti.

Music: Soulpete
Video : Grzvideos