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HL Daily Exclusive: Getok.


Getok is a writer with a style off the beaten path, with wacky cool colorschemes, often doing colorful somewhat hard-to-read pieces along the lines of Stockholm. We at HL Daily had a chat with this dude about his graffiti experiences, what keeps him going and the concept of style.
Step into Getok’s world!

First off, what are you writing?
Getok , OMG , SG, RYG , VS

How long have you been painting?
I’ve probably been painting for 14 years I think.


Why did you get into graffiti?
I’ve always liked to draw and paint, and graffiti aesthetics attracted me. I was inspired by all the paintings along the railway lines. I remember when I first started sketching my name in school, some six months later I made my first piece.

And what has kept you going?
It has become like an escape from the ordinary life, a behavior that is hard to break because it provides so much good vibes. Graffiti is a subculture with many expressions which I find it very difficult to get bored within. A quest to somehow develop and create something from nothing.

Where do you get most of your inspiration for painting?
I think i’m inspired by everything i see indirectly. I like to do various things and feel that the imagination is like a constant flow.

When it comes to color selection , what is most important to consider?
Clearly depends on the surface and what you’re after with the painting. Strong contrasts between colors is something that many are doing normally, but I feel that everything is permitted.

Quality or quantity?
Since I like variety I try not to commit myself to neither the one nor the other. The freshest thing according to me is when you don’t compromise and aim for both.

What makes a really good graffiti painting?
Tough question , it feels like there’s a template for everything needed for it to be a good piece . I think the ones who brake the rules of that said template are the ones who do best stuff. I want to be surprised when I look at graffiti! A unique color combo, style or an unexpectedly color scheme is what is needed , preferably all three!

Does the choice of spot have a say in on how you design your painting?
Clearly . I do not think you should be picky, you can paint on almost anything. All spots are worth it but some have that extra. I like when you are creative and use a surface full on. I like to keep it simple when it’ll go fast but there will be some nice idea or thought behind it.

Has the interest in art always been in your family and upbringing, or is it something that has evolved through the graffiti?
It has come through graffiti. No one in my family has been interested in art that way apart from my grandfather who wrote some poetry…

What do you enjoy most with graffiti?
The feeling , planning, friendship , pictures, different styles and different people. That there is a clear force in that society never loses. A beautiful crime.

How much of your time do you spend on this hobby?
One that I know who quit often say that he is graff damaged , because he cannot stop looking at graffiti and keeping track of the scene. That’ll be an awful lot of time spent but not even close to as much time as you can put down.

Tips for new (young) abilities?
Make your own thing! Keep it real and have a positive approach. Do not talk to the cops and be smart.

Any last words?
I want to give a shoutout to all the beautiful , Y2K , KES , APS , XPY , IWS , STK , ABE , DRS , PNP, OBH , PUBB , LLVL , IB, ESB, 6FU
Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed on HL Daily! Peace out!