VERNISSAGE: Blade, 14:e Augusti 2014 18.00 – 21.00


HL Gallery är stolta över att presentera en utställning med en av graffitivärldens giganter: Blade. Hans signum är King of graffiti och målade mellan 1972-1984 över 5000 tunnelbanetåg i New York.

Utställningen kommer endast vara under en dag (14/8-2014) och under kvällen kommer den nya boken “Blade: King of graffiti” finnas för försäljning som du kan få signerad. Under Lördag och Söndag kommer Blade befinna sig på Avalance 2014 i Umeå där han kommer föreläsa och måla med svenska writers på Norrlands hittills största graffitiarrangemang! Läs mer om det nedan.

Varmt välkommen på vernissage mellan kl 18-21!

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HL Gallery is proud to present Blade, an old school legend from New York. His visit in Stockholm will include an exhibition and book signing of his new book “Blade: King of graffiti” at the gallery. On Saturday the 16:th Blade will be in Umeå for the Avalance 2014. Read more about it below!

About Blade
Blade is known as The King of Graffiti – a title that’s hard to dispute. He’s painted over 5,000 trains but is best remembered for his iconic whole-cars. He chose to paint characters he created instead of appropriating imagery like most writers. In 1980, he began using the trains for his more conceptual works – most notably, his Walking Letters car.

About the book: Blade: King of Graffiti
Written by Chris “FREEDOM” Pape, BLADE King of Graffiti is a hardbound book with hundreds of never before seen images of New York’s golden age of graffiti from BLADE’s personal archives, which illustrate why BLADE is considered the king of graffiti. Roger Gastman worked closely with the legendary graffiti artist to tell his story and produce this fascinating inside look at one of the most revered graffiti artists in the world. After painting 5,000 wildly creative trains by 1980, BLADE finally stopped counting. His amazing story parallels the graffiti movement almost from its inception. Through its glorious years in the mid 1970’s when BLADE earned his title, to his appearance in the global art scene where he’s still a major presence, BLADE shares his life story growing up in the Bronx in the most turbulent decade of New York’s history, where he played a big part in its creative rebirth. This book is due out in spring of 2014 and will feature events to promote it launch around the county.

About Avalance 2014 in Umeå:
Welcome to Norrland’s biggest graffiti event!

Lectures, the opportunity to be inspired by artists. A meeting place for anyone interested in learning more about graffiti culture.
Several well-known national and international graffiti artists will participate to raise the art form.

Blade, New York, one of the founders of graffiti culture visiting Umeå to paint and talk about how it all started in 1960 – and the 70’s in New York. Lecture by Blade at 14:00 on August 17 at Hamnmagasinet.

Over the weekend,  the legal graffiti walls at I20 will be painted by Abyss, Dne, Fits, Ikaroz. Kaos. Moer, Nug, Skil and Tuna

Welcome the 14:th of August between kl 18-21!

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